Amplino Scout

Amplino Scout is the diagnostic device that we are building and grew out DIYBio activities in our spare time. Our goal is to make an impact, by introducing proven lab diagnostics into low tech areas, such as disease burdened areas of Africa and field studies. It is in these areas that conventional lab-bound biotechnology is not yet accessible.

We are working on an affordable quantitative PCR device that can be rolled out at locations were it is most needed.?The device we are currently developing, in compliance with WHO requirements for medical diagnostics, will tremendously increase the accessibility of health care diagnostics in the developing world. For example, every year 1.8 million people die because of malaria, and 396 million useless treatments are given out due to the lack of proper diagnostics.

Curious to see where we stand??Read about our progress on our blog.
We intend to
  • Make an affordable diagnostic device capable of accurate detection of pathogens, for only a few dollars per test.
  • Provide low cost qPCR lab equipment to field doctors and analists around the world.


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