Bringing Carbon Nanotube technology to market

Q-Flo is a company dedicated to innovation and to bringing nanotechnology in the world of materials science to market. Its focus is on identifying opportunities, assessing their capability and realizing their commercial potential.

While constantly seeking new opportunities Q-Flo’s success has been in bringing an integrated process for the production of continuous long carbon nanotube fibre and sheet to market. Accelerating scale-up and the development of value adding end use applications forms the core of the company’s current activities.

Q-Flo’s carbon nanotube technology is protected by granted patent and offers a route to the cost effective, high volume production of a unique range of new materials.

The remarkable properties of individual carbon nanotubes are well documented, the problem is realizing the benefits in an environmentally acceptable way, in real world applications. Materials produced by the Q-Flo carbon nanotube process are continuous, made from tightly bound, extremely long carbon nanotubes and are ready for immediate incorporation into composites, textile, devices or other structures. With exciting mechanical, thermal, electrical and surface properties they offer a unique platform for innovation across a range of industrial and commercial sectors.



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