Schoeller Tech: Nano tech fabrics

Schoeller Technologies offers smart and innovative textile technologies for various needs and requirements. The company is based in Switzerland and is globally active licensing its technologies since 2000. Schoeller Technologies is a subsidiary of Schoeller Textiles and focuses on the development of textile technologies that are made available to production partners in the form of patents and trademarks.

Our innovations make textiles smarter. Water repellence, protection against UV rays, quick dry or bacteriostatic ? our products are innovative and universally applicable. Textile technologies from Schoeller grant fabrics the greatest level of performance, high customer value and best quality. They have received numerous international awards and are featured in functional clothing and textiles of international premium brands. In addition, we place major emphasis on sustainable, environmentally conscious and responsible manufacturing.

Innovation is our driving force. We work constantly on innovative, future-oriented and beneficial projects and focus strongly on Research and Development. Even complex advances from the areas of information technology, electronics, bionics, chemistry or physics are made applicable for the entire textile industry.

Textile technologies from Schoeller are successfully applied on performance clothing and other areas, in which functional textiles are needed. Schoeller Technologies AG grants licensees the usage rights and provides support in technical matters and offers the highest possible quality service in marketing and distribution.


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