CARUNDA24 – Next Generation of Vital and Blood Pressure Measurement

  • Wear your CARUNDA24 on your wrist, just like a watch and monitor
    your blood pressure around the clock.
  • Measure your blood pressure easily and comfortably, without a cuff.
  • Your blood pressure will be displayed (and stored) immediately.
  • Your personal data can be transferred to external devices for further analysis.
  • Continuous measurements – without a cuff – overcome a 100 year limitation of traditional methods of measuring blood pressure.
  • Follow the exciting process of developing a brand new system on these pages.


Today more than one billion people are suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension) and continuous surveillance should be available for these people. Over half of the population affected are not even aware of their disease according to the World Health Organisation. Monitoring vital functions is a must for these and other people suffering from other kind of serious diseases.

Vital functions include breathing, body (core) temperature and the cardiovascular system, in particular arterial pulse (wave) and arterial blood pressure. Today there are a several systems which deliver a variety of data, but only very few in the field of blood pressure. The well-known and widely used heart-rate-monitors show only one aspect of the pulse and not the whole pulse-wave.

CARUNDA24 solves this problem. The continuous, non-invasive measurement of the pulse wave provides you and your physician or health-care professional not only with blood pressure (diastolic and systolic) but also critical information about the quality of your pulse including the number and regularity of your heart-beat and the rate of increase in blood pressure.

Whether you are affected by high blood pressure, or simply want to take preventive action, CARUNDA24 will help increase awareness and early recognition of potential adverse events, enabling you reduce their risk of related health problems.

What you can expect

With CARUNDA24 we aim to offer a medically certified system that meets the highest technical and medical requirements and is suitable for use in hospitals, medical practices as well as at home. CARUNDA24 looks – and can be worn – just like an ordinary watch, measuring the pulse wave and therefore the blood pressure (continuously) on the surface of the wrist. Data is displayed and stored instantly and can be transferred wirelessly to external equipment for detailed analysis.

Measuring Blood pressure with CARUNDA24 is extremely simple – it can be measured for several hours; in fact all day long, if necessary?around the clock!

STBL aims to provide state of the art medical approved systems, that fullfil highest technological and medical standards. These systems should be able to be used in clinics, medical offices but also at home.

Risks and challenges

Even after a successful ?proof of concept?, the road from clinical prototype to a commercially deliverable system is still full of challenges; which may be of a technical nature (as CARUNDA24 uses a new method which still has to be subjected to extensive testing) or in the validation process where unknown questions may arise.

At the start of 2014 the preperation of an extensive clinical proof of concept milestone was started which will lasted around nine months. With the preparation of a new generation of prototypes can be begun in the first quarter of 2015 the earliest. In this and all further steps unknown questions may arise whicht could lead to further delays.

Additional applications

Due to the newly developed continuous measurement method and modern communication technologies CARUNDA24 systems could be used in the field of telemedicine, remote surveillance such as in nursing homes or intensive care units.

A highly specialised team

Behind CARUNDA24 is a team of heart specialists, technicians, engineers and commercially trained specialists who have come together under the name STBL Medical Research AG. We are not the typical young entrepreneurs straight out of university, but rather a group of experts with years of experience in their respective fields.

The development of a new blood pressure measuring method was only possible with the combined knowledge and huge commitment of our network of industrial and medical partners including Art of Technology AG, EMPA Materials Science & Technology, University-Hospital Zurich,? Bern University of Apllied Science and the Zurich Heart House.

With the combined effort and with an immense committment of our team it was possible to develop a whole new blood pressure measurement method and system.



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