Related Application: Metria IH1?

Reveal every minute of data. Achieve a healthier lifestyle. Metria IH1? is designed to serve the needs of health and wellness professionals. Simple to integrate, yet full of insightful data ? data you can delve into and view in a wide variety of ways. From research focused UI to a consumer facing web application and an accessible API, Metria IH1? lets you customize the data to fit your application.

The Metria IH1? is easy to use and integrate into any health and wellness program. Because the device is disposable, it requires minimal maintenance. It?s as simple as 1-2-3: apply the device, live life, and extract data.

10,080 Minutes of Data in 4 Categories The Metria IH1? Lifestyle Assessment System collects a wealth of data every minute for 24 hours a day for up to 7 days, providing an accurate indication of the wearer?s lifestyle.

Metria IH1? provides an accurate indication of the wearer?s lifestyle including calorie expenditure, activity level, steps taken, and sleep duration and quality.


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